The menu of Kranevo Tavern is consistent with the Bulgarian national cuisine traditions. It covers the main set of dishes and ingredients that are present in the life of Bulgarian people, recipes, formulated over centuries, with traditions in flavouring and developed methods and techniques of preparation, constituting a fusion of Balkan, European and Asian cuisine.

A characteristic feature of Bulgarian cuisine is that most of the products in a dish undergo thermal processing simultaneously. This is especially true for baked dishes and the explanation is simple Ц in the past households had hardly had their own ovens and had carried already prepared dishes to be baked in public ovens. Even with the advent of modern technologies, this tradition of cooking remains largely the same.

Another feature is the inclusion of many fresh or canned vegetables, processed together with meat.

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Compared to other cuisines, the use of spices such as onion, garlic, red and black pepper, pimento and bay leaf is stronger.

There are many kinds of pastries Ц such as banitsa, tutmanik (multilayer bread with brined white cheese), tikvenik (pumpkin banitsa), mekitsa (batter fried in deep oil), katma (a kind of a pancake) Ц all these in a specific culinary interpretation.

Most experts include Bulgarian cuisine in the general list of Balkan cuisines. Many dishes, typical for the Bulgarian national meal, are present in their variations in the cuisine of other Balkan peoples (Turks, Romanians, Serbs, Greeks, Albanians) Ц salads, stews Ц (hotchpotch, kavarma), sauces, baked dishes (moussaka, drob-sarma), grilled minced-meat (kebapche, meatballs, karnache) and syrupy desserts

Enriched with variety of sea fish and seafood, the cuisine of Kranevo Tavern can satisfy event the most discerning taste.

The personal sommelier selection of quality Bulgarian and imported wines guarantees your good mood and success of the event, which shall be recounted and remembered by your guests long after that.


Delicious food, high quality drinks, cozy atmosphere and our entertainment program with live music are a guarantee for an unforgettable evening, for a romantic experience and unique personal or corporate celebration.